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Procedure for checking students back into school after lengthy illness:
A doctor's note is required after a 5 days of illness. Students must present this to the nurse for clearance, and then will be readmitted to school by the school nurse.

*Request for medication to be taken during school hours needs to be completed by the physician and the parent. Students are not to carry medicine with them to classes. All medication is to be registered and checked in with the school nurse.

  1. Interprets the principles underlying a school, early education center or District wide health program.
  2. Counsels and guides students and parents to meet the students' needs by interpreting health appraisals and standards of normal growthand development.
  3. Assists with in-service education of school personnel in healthful living and communicable disease control.
  4. Assists school personnel in relating health instruction and guidance to specific needs of students.
  5. Notifies, counsels and assists parents in remedying student health defects.
  6. May provide nursing assistance in schools designed as shelters during major disasters.
  7. Participates with school administrators and other school personnel in developing and conducting, in accordance with established policy, a school health program which includes the following:
      a. Appropriate health education for students, individually and in groups;
      b. Responsiveness to accidents.emergency illnesses and crisis situations which occur at school; c. Determination of each student's health status including vision, hearing, dental, orthopedics and general health appraisals;
      d. Consultation with students, parents, school personnel and community;
      e. Coordination and implementation of services provided by teams from the Child Health and Disability Prevention Program, Tuberculin Skin Testing Program, and Dental Health Program;
      f. Assistance to school physicians with health examinations;
      g. Maintenance of necessary confidential health records and information;
      h. Control of communicable diseases through readmissions, exclusions, inspections and determination of immunizaiton assessment with follow-up where needed;
      i. Inspection of the school plant to help maintain an environment for optimum health; and
      j. Reporting or assisting in the reporting of suspected child abuse cases.
  8. Assists in maintaining proper student control in school buildings and on the grounds.

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