HOURS: 07:30 a.m. / 04:30 p.m.

Note: Parents: If you have a question about your child's class, grades, needs or other issues please contact your child's teacher first. Remember to allow for a reasonable amount of time (usually the next day) for them to call you back. The counselor can help if you have not been able to solve the problem.

Mr. Torres Assistant Principal Secondary Counseling Services
Maria Villegas
6th Grade Counselor 2015-2016
Shannon Barnes 7th Grade Counselor 2015-2016
Mary Cobb 8th Grade Counselor 2015-2016
Mr. S. Diaz Office Assistant
Ms. S. Wilkins
Office Assistant

Academic development+Career development + Personal/Social Development = STUDENT SUCCESS

Keeping the above developmental goals in mind, our middle school counselors work with students in groups or individually depending on the nature of the problem, issue or topic. For example, at each grade level the counselor reviews an individual student's cumulative record. By reviewing the test scores, credits, interventions and comments from teachers, the counselor is able to help the child achieve academically.

The counselors work with the teachers and administrators as members of an interdisciplinary team. They also serve as consultants to teachers and parents by providing information regarding how students' academic and emotional needs are being addressed. The counselors are looking at the "whole" child, including educational, career and personal/social development.

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